About dr5j:

This new venture was started in December of 2018.  After many years of creating art, J. and I decided to go commercial with dr5j.com and enter the fashion business at the same time.

Licensing dr5
j fashion designs

All dr5j fashion designs can be purchased for mass production by clothing manufacturers.  Our retail market is one-off sales to the fashion conscious shopper looking for something unique.  Our wholesale market is focused on selling designs, because we do no manufacture the products we offer.

Within a of weeks of our opening, a Chinese manufacturer had already stolen at least one of our designs and was offering it for sale in the U.S. market through Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma's AliExpress.  These scoundrels, xiao ou caps Store and AliExpress are thieves.  Boycotting AliExpress and its parent company, Alibaba, NYSE stock ticker BABA, is the only way to exact a toll from these commonplace Chinese criminals.  Your help is appreciated here.

Imitation, and perhaps theft of a design, is the purest form of flattery in the fashion industry.  Revenge against such a huge target however, is utterly divine.

About our Canvas Prints and Posters

Our Canvas Prints are the only way most of our art work is made available to the public.  We do sell and have sold some original items on eBay.  Here's a link to our current offerings of original canvas portraits and paintings.  On eBay there are also the occasional household item we're selling.  It's just eBay.

We are having a good time

When I first stumbled upon Zazzle, I became convinced that this sort of fashion design firm has an abundant future for promoting and selling fashion into the marketplace.  As artists, it is amazing to see products designed, listed for sale, readied for manufacture, order placement, fulfillment and shipping all in a one stop shop.  It makes the creative process take control over a new and significant part of the fashion supply chain.  My hope is to find other firms like Zazzle that offer similar services with other products, and that Zazzle will continue to grow, and offer more template opportunities for artist/designers.

We're having a really good time doing this.  Of course, that's our nature.  We always have a really good time.  We are in love.

What the future will bring

More of the same, creative variety however and wherever our love of life leads us.  I am totally uninhibited about the Internet.  J. is more refined than me.  So, we'll find a happy median, and keep it coming for as long as we last.  We live up here in Aroostook County in Maine, Limestone to be exact, so boredom isn't something that comes easily to us.

anyone ends up here who has a Maine-based fashion and/or art business or interest, who would like their products or art sold here on our site, send us an email using the contact button so we can get together and brainstorm.   dr5j is interested in networking and promoting other Maine-based fashion and art entrepreneurs.


I'm hosted at NameCheap.com and they've been very helpful and affordable.  They've also been friendly and fun to deal with.  If you are technical, feel free to copy my html coding, and adapt it for your own use.  If you are not technical by nature, html code writing is not for the faint of heart.